Redbull Gets Philipp Schuster to Shred a Life-Sized “No Skateboarding” Sign

What's This?

To honor Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, Redbull enlisted Austrian skater Philipp Schuster to shred a full-scale, 3D version of the “No Skateboarding” sign for its ICON project. The life-sized iteration of the sign, which has haunted but never really hindered skaters for years, was created by production company Fusion Collective. Schuster explained to Redbull that “Skateboarding is all about questioning prohibitions, breaking up established structures and putting them into a new creative context.” He added, “I grew up in a time when skateboarding in public was frowned upon. Go Skateboarding Day has helped make skateboarding more present and showed that skateboarding isn’t evil.”

As a whole, the idea behind the ICON project is to acknowledge the creativity in skateboarding no matter its legal boundaries. See Schuster rebelliously tackle the massive “No Skateboarding” sign for Go Skateboarding Day’s thirteenth annual event below.

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